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Get the strategy upfront before you invest in the deliverables.

Our relationship will kick-off with a Brand Activator™️, a 2.5 hour interview where I’ll unpack your goals, pain points, past wins and losses. I'll follow it up with an audit of your brand and marketing, then develop an actionable report that specifically states what you need to stop, start, and continue to achieve your goals. This document is no joke. It will reveal blind spots you might have in your own business and give you clarity on where to focus your resources and time.

Armed with the Brand Activator™️, you can implement the changes in-house or you hire me to do it for you, stress-free. As a bonus, I’ll apply the cost to your customized Brand Accelerator™ package. 

Price: $950 CAD

The roadmap will inform your

Brand Accelerator Package ✨

The deliverables in your Lite, Standard, or Premium Brand Accelerator™️ Package will be informed by your Brand Activator.

Often, Brand Accelerator™️ packages equip you with a modern brand identity, a communications framework, a beautifully designed website, and assets.

Brand Accelerator™️ Lite

2 meetings, 4 weeks

For service businesses or subject matter experts who want to secure their market segment, solidify their brand personality, and persuasively communicate the features and benefits of their offer in their target audience’s language.

Price: $10,250 CAD
Sample deliverables:
  • • Brand repositioning strategy
  • • Tone of voice guidelines
  • • Sales scripts
  • • Brand design brief 
  • • Landing page copy

Brand Accelerator™️ Standard

3 meetings, 8 weeks

The staple package, the Brand Accelerator Standard™️, is for service businesses and subject matter experts who want everything they need to successfully relaunch their brand and website, and convert website visitors into leads.

 Price: $19,950 CAD
Sample deliverables:
  • • Brand identity and logo
  • • Responsive and SEO-optimized website
  • • Brand communications tool kit
  • • Social media branding and templates
  • • Website lead magnet

Brand Accelerator™️ Premium

5 meetings, 12 weeks

For service businesses or service providers who want all the bells and whistles, the Premium package is for deeply customized brands, larger websites, and marketing automations that could improve lead conversion. 

 Price: $27,500 CAD
Sample deliverables:
  • • A larger or more customized website
  • • Business development and sales strategy
  • • Blog content strategy
  • • Email marketing strategy and set up
  • • Third-party integrations
  • • Professional photoshoot  

*Note: The cost of the Brand Activator will be reduced from the total cost of the project. Taxes not included.

Feedback from happy  clients

— Kate Punnett, Founder, City Love Flowers

A strategy and beautiful brand in the blink of an eye.

Reagan gave my brand a new breath of life. She mixed grounded storytelling with a laser-sharp focus to bring my brand where it needed to be, communicating my grassroots story and aligning it with my future vision for the company. I recommend Reagan for anyone looking to focus on the “why” of their business and to work efficiently to bring this why into the world with depth, honesty, and smart, modern marketing.

— Kate Punnett, City Love Flowers

What to expect  

Get the tools to market yourself with confidence.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Release the ideas bottling up in your head to someone who can help you prioritize, get organized, and package your program or keynote with clarity.

Stand Out From Others

Your service is only one choice in an ocean of choices. Own your expertise and let you be the reason they pick you.

Write with Conviction

Writing can be a slow or painful process in absence of a communications framework. Get the tools you need to eliminate the guesswork in copywriting.

Passive Marketing System

The only sales person that works 24/7 is your website. It should paint your brand in its best light so you can spend less time on outreach and more time living your life.

Are you ready?

If you’ve made it here, pause and reflect for a second. How did this website make you feel? Curious? Excited? That’s the point. 

Let’s turn your business into a brand and create the same experience for the next person who lands on your site. 


If you're impressed by my brand strategy consulting portfolio, imagine what I could do for you!

Explore the startups and personal brands my team has recently transformed.

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Elements Esthetics Academy

I loved my experience working with Reagan Bradley and her team. She was creative, innovative, fun, and easy to work with. She helped me launch the brand and website for my esthetics school in the Yukon. The result was beyond what I could have even imagined. She provided me with training videos and built the website on a platform I was familiar with so I could easily make updates myself. I’m set up with a gorgeous brand and happy to have chosen her to go on this brand journey with me!

Ammanda Partridge, President

CC&Associates Financial Services

We hired Reagan to get a cohesive brand image. We had recently incorporated and had a so-so website that didn’t truly portray our concepts, values, or offers. Reagan understood what we wanted from the get-go. She listens, has great ideas, and wants you to succeed. Now all of our platforms are branded properly, and we have a full-blown marketing strategy. She’s detailed-oriented and works fast. Thanks so much, Reagan!

Cheryl Campbell, Founder and CFP®

Kaska Dena Designs

Working with Reagan and her team was incredibly rewarding. They were attentive to my vision, and the website turned out beautifully. Reagan was patient, helping me with technology onboarding. The personal touch with my grandmother's favourite flower and colour in the logo was truly special. Thank you for your hard work and the stunning result!

Natasha Peter, Fashion Designer

LeBlanc (& co.) Communications

Reagan clarified that I needed to move beyond having a list of services and towards a fully built-out brand. We worked together to build offers my clients needed and define what made me different. Then Reagan worked on supporting me with my website copy, marketing strategy, and more to match my new brand positioning. Now my goals for my business and how I present myself online are aligned. Thank you, Reagan!

Kathryn LeBlanc, Communications Consultant


We worked with Reagan to define Willful's brand voice and tone guidelines. Reagan clearly *gets* this type of work. She audited our channels and called out the gap between how we wanted to be perceived and how we were currently communicated. Then she put together a comprehensive voice and tone playbook that perfectly complements our visual brand guidelines. Reagan is responsive, collaborative, and easy to work with. I'd definitely work with her again.

Erin Bury, CEO

Vitality Physiotherapy

Before working with Reagan, we struggled to define our brand and company culture. Now we have a culture manual for onboarding new employees and a modern website that reflects our brand, vision, and why our clinic stands apart from the rest. What sets Reagan apart is her ability to truly understand a business and its needs, her thoughtful and reflective questioning, and her willingness to incorporate feedback and input. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.

Mina Rezk, COO


Reagan took the lead in designing our new website with the new brand identity she helped to create. She performed the research, defined the information architecture and oversaw the work of graphic artists and web developers to build our new modern website to the world. She was a pleasure to work with, and the resulting website is beautiful.

Tony Wacheski, CEO

Thanks to Reagan, Hospitable Nicoll is the brand I dreamed of building. She put my ideas to paper and wrote authentic messaging that resonated with both me and my clientele. She helped grow my brand to become a recognized hospitality consultant and event caterer in Ottawa. Reagan genuinely cares. She held my hand, built my confidence and got me excited about my potential.

Cody Nicoll, CEO

Hiring Reagan was one of the best investments in my career! I've consulted for +7 years without understanding my niche, goals, career direction, or service offer. Reagan not only developed a fantastic brand and website, she challenged my thinking and optimized how I operate my business. Reagan takes the time and focus to understand your business and industry thoroughly, then provides the right tools and systems to help you succeed!

Samantha Hartley, Campaign Strategist

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