Get to know
Reagan Bradley 😊

I'm a brand strategist who helps service professionals and businesses express their cool-factor with intentional branding.


What I do

I work with service-based businesses to define the authentic meaning of their business then express it to the outside world. Complete modern branding, a custom website, and content strategy to attract your ideal customer, when we're finished working together you'll have the foundation needed to promote your offer with confidence.


What to expect

Nobody knows your business better than you. Through collaborative workshops, we’ll build your brand strategy, then I’ll bring that strategy to life through a website, and give your team tools for your brand to thrive. 🔥

Modern, Memborable Branding

I'll evolve your current or non-existent website with modern branding that resonates with your target market so you can earn instant credibility.

Design and Copy Guidelines

I'll set brand standards so you can outsource tasks with confidence and rally your team around a shared sense of purpose.

Sustainable Marketing Plan

I'll build a marketing strategy that's realistic for the time and resources you have available. I prioritize tactics that attract leads likely to become clients.

Done for You Services

I'll push you to make life changing decisions you've neglected because you're too busy serving clients. Then I'll do the work to bring your vision to life.


There’s a story behind every business. Here’s mine. 

My journey began in the advertising industry, where I contributed to building and launching global B2B brands. Fuelled by that experience, I established my own branding business, specializing in helping professional service firms create compelling brands and marketing systems that position them as a trustworthy partner for their clients. Closing clients isn't easy. Branding is a presentation tool that influences their purchasing decision in your favour.


Learned the brand strategy playbook from the pros.

I started my career as an Account Manager at Ottawa’s largest B2B advertising agency, working alongside a team of talent creatives to build and launch global brands and campaigns.

This is where I absorbed the end-to-end process that went into creating award-winning brands. I learned the elements of great design and how to tell a memorable brand story. 

Grew a community for entrepreneurs.

I saw the advantage a big budget could get brands but wanted to give little guys access to growth tools too.

I hosted a speaker series for entrepreneurs where I got local entrepreneurs on stage to share their wisdom and stories with the community.

Being surrounded by a community of passionate entrepreneurs sparked me to become one too. 

Spread the benefits of personal brand strategy. 

I launched my Personal Branding Business, where I helped consultants, creatives, and artists gain clarity and confidence to effectively market themselves online. 

I spoke about Personal Branding to anyone who would listen— hosting workshops and speaking on stages in front of university students and professionals with a desire to grow in their careers.

Built then closed a business. 

Something crazy in Canada in 2017 that derailed my path as a brand strategist. Cannabis became legal. 

Blending all my experience to this date, I rebranded myself as a cannabis influencer and began working with Canada’s top legalized brands as a content creator.

I built and grew a brand called Women Who Weed, a community-based business that hosted cannabis education events in three chapters across Canada. 

I learned the ins and outs of influencer marketing but more importantly, how to build a brand based on shared values of the community that caught national attention.

But COVID-19 put a wrench in our plans. This is when I realized building brands was my calling, not cannabis. 

Helping startups build human-focused brands. 

Now here you have it— me, in real time, pouring my energy helping startups start acting like brands. I focus on helping business owners sell the benefits of what they do through my Brand Accelerator product. 


I'm a personal branding educator

I facilitate workshops that educate students and professionals how to DIY their personal brand strategy. 

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— Kate Punnett, Founder, City Love Flowers

"Our members left the workshop
with clarity"

Reagan took our feedback on the initial workshop scoping call and adjusted her presentation to apply closely to the careers of our audience, women in tech. Our members left the presentation with clarity on what it means to have a personal brand, and why it's an important asset to your career. I'd highly recommend Reagan to any other women in tech group looking for practical steps to grow their careers and online presence. 

— Maya Muto, Momentive-AI

Let's get started!

If you have questions about my process, this is your opportunity to ask them. 👇