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Brand Strategy Consultant, Brand Coach, Brand Designer: What’s the difference?

Read this before you hire help to build or grow your brand.

It’s terrifying to invest in contractors.

An accounting tool will instantly streamline your finances.

Meanwhile, when you invest in a brand strategy consultant like me, you’re trusting my expertise to positively impact your business. 

When there’s trust involved, there’s always a risk:
  • What if I don’t agree?
  • What if they don’t deliver?
  • What if what I pay for doesn’t give me the intended results?

The best way to minimize risk is hire the right person for the job.

But it comes to branding services, the difference between a brand strategist, coach, or designer can be confusing.

This article aims to give you clarity on the branding expert you need for your current goals.

Should I hire a brand strategy consultant, a coach, or a designer?

Use this decision-matrix to assess whether you should hire a brand strategy consultant, coach, or designer:

Branding services matrix

How to assess if a contractor is a good fit for you?

Use this chart to assess a contractor’s capabilities before you hire them.

Start from the top and work your way down.

Process for vetting a contractor

BEWARE: There are loads of copycats or people who fake projects to build a perception they are more experienced than they are.

Should I hire a brand strategy consultant?

Brand strategists position your business to reach, resonate, and attract your target audience.

Their process begins with an in-depth interview to learn about your industry and business.

They will uncover your niche and help you communicate what you do with confidence.

Then they implement the recommendations in your business for you.  

If you hire a full-service brand strategist (like me!), here is what you could expect:

  1. Clarity on your target audience 
  2. Communications guidelines to sell yourself effectively 
  3. Marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness 
  4. Refreshed website that instills confidence in your expertise  
  5. Clear benchmarks and goals 

Should I hire a brand coach?

Brand coaches help you achieve your personal brand goals through advice and accountability.

Some coaches ask questions to uncover truths that lie within to give you clarity on the direction to take your business.

Other coaches offer structured programs designed to give you the process to build your brand on your own.

If you hire a coach, here is what you could expect: 

  1. Get advice or a process on how to achieve a desired goal 
  2. One-on-one: A fluid meeting structure that addresses your current challenges 
  3. Group: A program where a group of individuals are working towards the same goal

Should I hire a brand designer?

Brand designers will create a brand that aligns with the brief delivered to them.

It’s in your best interest to provide them with a target audience profile and your brand personality so that the visual design is rooted in strategy.

If you hire a brand designer, here is what you could expect:

  1. Detailed scope of work that explains the deliverables and number of revisions
  2. Timeline with a start and end date
  3. Brand guidelines and a brand kit that could include colours, typography, logo, custom patterns, and more

TLDR; Who should I hire?

Your decision to hire a brand strategist, brand coach, or brand designer depends on your needs. 

If you want a subject matter expert to tell you exactly what you need to reach your audience effectively, hire a brand strategy consultant.

If you already know how to grow your brand but need to be held accountable to putting ideas into action, hire a brand coach.

If you know how to communicate your value effectively but need help visually bringing your vision to life, hire a brand designer.

I run marketing experiments and share my insights with my network. 

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